“All the cast must be congratulated on putting on a magical show that is second to none to get you into the festive spirit.”



“Every year you think it cannot be as spectacular as the previous one. But then it roars onto the stage and proves to be just as amazing as ever … just wonderful to behold, a carnival of colours, songs and joyfulness. It is no wonder it has become an annual tradition for many families in the area.”

“Wow! Completely blown away! The whole family, men, women, young and old absolutely loved it! Want to go again!

“Sets and costumes are West End standard.”

“What an amazing show! Fantastic costumes, very professional, lots of fun, an amazing way to kick start Christmas.”


“If you want to see what can be achieved with the right people and the right direction, come and see this show!”

Scene One


“Spectacular is definitely the right word, with lighting, costumes and choreography building up a sumptuous visual feast.”
Scene One


“Watching the Christmas Spectacular on Christmas Eve is where our Christmas starts. The cast are amazing and the costumes dazzling and this year was the best so far.”



“What a perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening. The variety and genre of songs from films, shows and pop meant that there was something for everyone. The singing was uplifting and the dancing first class and the costumes sublime. I cannot recommend this company enough. Book now for Christmas!”



“One of the most enjoyable festive shows I have seen and highly commendable … a multitude of beautiful and colourful costumes … a festive treat.”
Bournemouth Daily Echo

“Dressed to dazzle, a myriad of changes and each set of costumes – well, spectacular! Incredible choreography by Carly Simmerling … the dictionary definition of ‘spectacular’ is striking, amazing or lavish and this show certainly lives up to its name.”

Scene One

“A Real Christmas show – Rare!”