About Glad Rags

Celebrating Family Entertainment

The Gladrag Production Company prides itself on providing family entertainment with high quality production values, with the support of our creatives at Carry On Costumes we bring you an exceptional theatre experience .

As well as the ‘Christmas Spectacular’ Glad Rags have created additional bespoke shows for  returning audiences at the Regent Centre, with the exciting new ‘Summer Spectacular Party Playlist’ debuting August 2021. The Glad Rag Production Company have also created stunning shows and performances for the largest event companies in the UK and have even made it over to Cannes, France!

After a tough year for theatre and finding out ‘Christmas Spectacular’ couldn’t go ahead this year. We had to do something to continue spreading Christmas cheer. So we have created an online advent calendar for everyone to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. Past show footage, activities for the family, brand new recordings and behind the scenes vlogs are all included in your ‘Gladvent Calendar 2020’.

Our Creative Team

Producer & Costume Designer
Writer & Director

Carly Simmerling

Assistant Choreographer
Production Administrator
Lighting Design
Musical Director